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Tales of Imperfection (PG-13 blog post by Teresa)

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by Teresa Demel

This is the shmaltzy romantic song. I’ll try to keep the history of the lyrics a little more tidy so that you don’t retch.

Lyrics of Looooooove…….. xox oxoxoxoxo

I could have settled for half what I wanted but instead I waited twice as long for everything

Here’s the deal. Now that I’m in a relationship with someone who is really awesome, stable and a good fit for me, I realized that everyone leading up to that point was just practice for the real thing. If I had to live my life all over again, and if I knew everything I know now, I would have spent more time reading books and playing my guitar instead of hitting the dating scene.

When I was dating a jerk, people told me, “Relationships are hard,” and “relationships are work.” Sure, maybe that’s true. But maybe I was getting advice from people who had settled for mediocrity. Suckas.

The Making of the Song

This song includes handclaps. At first, Natalie, David and I recorded the handclaps in Rebecca’s kitchen. When we listened back the claps sounded a little like a “you’ve-been-naughty” spanking. I insisted that we re-record the handclaps with lots of people, which sounds less like one hand on one… ahem.

So about 10-14 friends gathered at Rebecca’s house for recording. We snacked on cookies and beer and told a joke or two. When we headed down to her basement, we realized we had only four headphones. Oops. But the show must go on! After working out intricate gestures and dance moves, we strategically placed sets of headphones throughout the crowd and many people recorded handclaps without hearing the song. Watch them work their magic in this video!

This song does not follow the convention of Verse, Pre-chorus, Chorus, Verse, Pre-chorus, Chorus (VPC, VPC). Oh no! It is VPCPVPCPV. In my brain it looks like the picture below. The verses are soft and sweet like a sigh, the pre-chorus adds some energy (with the handclaps!) and the chorus is full and swelling. And then the prechorus takes it down a notch before we revisit the soft and sweet verse. And then back up the hill to the chorus via the pre-chorus! Hooray! Hooooraaaay for LOOOOOOOOOOOVE!

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