Thank you for visiting our site! Like our new upcoming album, this site is currently under construction. We are currently busy planning an album launch, music videos, performances, and all the great things you’ve come to expect from APC. In solidarity with our community in Seattle, APC is working together remotely to collaborate on new material and plan for our release. We are actively practicing social distancing.

Additionally, as a band we are acutely aware of the impact the coronavirus is having on our musician friends. The financial and personal devastation is really yet to be seen for them and the small businesses that support the music industry.

Music is our passion and goes beyond a hobby, that is true. But, we also do not make money from playing in this band. We actually pay more money to play music together than we ever get paid. Therefore, we are encouraging all of our friends and fans to actively support musicians who rely on their music income to pay their rent and mortgages, buy food for them and their families, and THRIVE. Musicians deserve to live comfortable and supported lives.

We've come up with a list of ways that you can help support your favorite local musicians. Some of these require access to financial resources. Others are available to folks with varying levels of financial input:

  1. If you were planning on going to a local live show that was cancelled, go on the bands’ websites, buy their merch, buy their albums online, and then go and stream those records on your favorite streaming service.
  2. If you are working from home, listen to local artists while you work! First, buy their music online. Then, stream their music. Streaming plays make very little money per play, but it does add up, and often helps the status of bands/musicians when they recieve more plays. That’s why we suggest first buying the music, then streaming from a service.
  3. Find out if your favorite local artists have Patreon pages. Become a monthly donor!
  4. Share a Youtube video of your favorite band or performer on your social media. Some artists have Youtube accounts that pay per stream through advertising.
  5. Donate to some of the ongoing emergency relief GoFundMe and fundraising campaigns. Here are a few of our favorites:
  6. Here are some of the band’s personal favorites, check them out! And give to them directly if you can!

Know of other ways to support that we should add to our list? Please contact us at:

Thank you for supporting our community. Musicians are what make Seattle a place where you want to live and play! We look forward to seeing you all online (and in person soon).

<3 Natalie, Cheerful, Teresa, and Jeanne

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