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Rebecca’s Lessons Learned from Tour:

  • There’s nothing like getting picked up outside your corporate software job by a very punk rock astrovan to make you feel like the rock and roll rebel you aren’t.
  • While on tour you will not, I repeat not, read a book on Design Patterns. Nor will you crack the new Jonathan Franzen. Save some room in the van and leave the books at home.
  • My sister in law’s version of a trashed house looks like my place on a good day.
  • I snore. OK, I already knew that. Now my bandmates do too.
  • It’s a long drive from Eugene to San Francisco. But fortunately, Californians are pretty casual about load in time.
  • My brother has the sweetest friends on earth.
  • I’ve been far too picky about bra shopping. Forgetting to pack spares, the 15 minute panicked dash into Target worked out just as well as those tortured afternoons in the fitting room at Nordstroms. Who knew.
  • Drummers in LA are really lucky – they can get to lessons with Ivo without buying a plane ticket first.  Seattle lost out.  Again.
  • Hanging out with professional musicians in L.A. is just as fun and glamourous as you thought it was going to be. Oh hello Allison from Bratmobile, I thought you looked familiar. Wherever did you find those sunglasses?
  • I’m still not over my first band. Jen and Katie – Foxforce 5 summer tour 2011, whaddaya say?
  • I need a spare iPhone battery. With no way to charge in the van, power was a precious commodity. The phones were the first things we plugged in when we hit the stage. Fortunately we brought a power strip – if we’d run out of outlet space, I don’t know what would have happened – it’s entirely possible we’d have picked the phones over the amplifiers and performed accapella.
  • Tour is a strange beast. All these friends come out who you haven’t seen in ages, and you’re too busy to properly hang out. But it means a lot that they were there.
  • I’m right about a lot of things. As I predicted, Larissa and Brian’s new daughter is pretty much the most beautiful newborn in the history of the world. And thanks for bringing her into the world a couple days early so I could meet her right away, you guys. Appreciate it.
  • KUCI is an excellent radio station full of incredibly friendly and supportive staff. You should tune in to Rita Thursdays 8-10 at
  • Our peeps in Seattle rock – we had so many tune in and listen to us streaming live over the internet. It warmed our hearts.
  • Teresa has some serious parking-fu. That woman knows how to handle a van.
  • You think the fish house in Berkeley is going to be pretty lame. But you are wrong. The fish house is amazing.
  • OK Teresa’s brother also has the sweetest friends on earth.
  • Technology is boring even to technology people. I guess I kind of knew this too, but turns out when you’re wired after a rock show, having a conversation about software development will work just as well as that Ambien prescription to get you to sleep.
  • If you are going on tour, tell EVERYONE you know EXACTLY where you are going. Turns out one of our friends is the former queen of the Ashland Oregon punk rock scene. Not only does she have some hilarious and amazing stories to tell, she probably could have helped us drum up a much bigger audience for our small town gig. Guess we’re going back.
  • Bring your own mics, stands, and cables. We’d learned this lesson before. We learned it again. Fortunately our 3 singers are comfortable snuggling up around a single mic. And they look mighty cute doing it.
  • Even a short tour will be enough to seriously tighten up your set. We totally killed it our last show of the tour, if I do say so myself.
  • Portland is the unrequited love of my life. Why don’t I live there again?

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