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Pre-Orders of “You Have to Care” Available Now!

It’s two weeks before we release our new album, and Another Perfect Crime is offering three bonus tracks for people who order “You Have to Care” before June 27th. These tracks will not be available on June 27th. The early bird catches the worm!

To Order
1. Go to our bandcamp page and purchase the album. You can choose either the digital or the physical version.
2. You will receive three bonus tracks immediately. Download them before the 27th!
3. If you order the digital version, the full album will be available for download on June 27th. If you order the physical album, we will mail it to you on the 27th.

About the Bonus Tracks

This was the first song that APC wrote as a band. It changes keys between major and minor, switches up tempos, and has a very imaginative structure. That’s probably why we love it. Either that, or because the lyrics started off being about stealing dry erase markers from our office jobs in order to feel better about our corporate servitude. Heads up parents and kiddos- this one contains an f-bomb. Recorded and mixed by THE David Smith.

Yodeling Figs (The Margaret Song)
This is one of our most recent songs, played live at the Skylark with the lovely Jeanne. Inspired by Marnie Stern, Sicko, and Margaret Fulton, it is a jovial tune that will make you skip around the living room. The end of the song begins to descend into a live number called “Different Every Time.”

No Stars (acoustic)
Natalie and David recorded an acoustic version of No Stars for Planned Parenthood’s “Sex Positive” compilation. It is so sweet that babies stop crying and teenagers stop whining when you play it. It has been remastered for your listening pleasure.

Download these protein packed tracks before it is too late!

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