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First Show in 14 Months!

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We have a show! At the Crocodile! All Ages! In a month! Exclamation points!!!

6/18 show poster

*sigh* It’s been awhile. 14 months, to be exact. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

We are playing with Bleachbear – an awesome band from the Rain City Rock Camp community and Spider and the Webs – Tobi Vail’s current band. We grew up on Bikini Kill and can’t help but swoon a little.

The last show that APC performed was for Jenn and Teresa’s wedding weekend on April 20th, 2013. The house was packed to the gills with cousins, parents, high school friends, college friends, former bandmates and future bandmates. We played a show with our extended rock family: Pablo Honeys and She’s Your Sister. Teresa was 6 months pregnant. Natalie and Rebecca played two sets. Jeanne melted faces.

APC show April 20 2013

Since then we have written 5 songs, hosted 4 rock camp sessions, played in 3 other bands, bought 2 houses and had 1 baby.

You: What?! You wrote five songs?
Us: Yes. Maybe more than that. We disappeared into the woods (again) and wrote more songs.
You: If a band writes a song in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
Us: Not until it’s played live.

Therefore, you should come hear a ton of new songs at the Crocodile on June 18th. Little song embryos have been incubating and growing and we are excited to give birth to them. (Thank goodness this show is all ages!) They are about the dearth of female performers at music festivals, United We Band, and this crazy little thing called loooooove.

BTW, we don’t intend to wait this long until our next show. Summer is comin’ and we want to melt your faces.

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