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Babies Love Another Perfect Crime

And the love is mutual.

Here at Another Perfect Crime HQ, we are constantly thinking of ways to take your money and infiltrate your daily lives. We started by embroidering dozens of pillow cases with our nancy drew logo.  Nothing says “in your face” like an APC logo on your cheek all night.

Next, we silkscreened APC underwear, but you didn’t get to see those. We ended up liking them too much, and kept them for ourselves. Again, nothing like an APC logo on your cheek all night. Our big sellers have been our embroidered boxers. So far, no one has sent us any pictures of themselves in them, and we can’t complain. This item is usually the first to sell out at our shows, and we have recently received a request for an order of them to be used as door prizes for a “No Pants Party.” We know some special people.

The latest craze in APC couture are our custom designed baby bibs. They’re fit for infants and toddlers alike, and are loved by boys, girls, and everyone in between. Twins especially love them, because the custom design helps their parents tell them apart. There is a foreseeable downside to all of this. The increase in online baby bib sales might correlate to a decline in attendance at our shows. I guess someone’s got to stay at home with the little poopers. So, while you’re at home instead of rockin’ out to us on the town,  pop in our CD,  put on your iTunes APC playlist, or crank up your APC Pandora Radio station, and airplane those smashed peas into your little bundle of joy.Last season's design on the next generation

Luckily for two of us in the band, there will be two more boys in our lives this April. Teresa and I are both expecting…. nephews, that is. They are due a few days apart (just like me and T… awwww). Here’s a picture of one of our most loyal fans (modeling last season’s APC silkscreen design), as she finishes cooking one of our future loyal fans in her oven:

If you have an appropriate picture of yourself or your offspring in APC garb, please send it our way: We’re working on a way to get our merch online, so stay tuned on all the new ways we’re coming up with to make it easier for you to buy. That’s what friends are for. 🙂

Also, for those who are waiting for a new supply of embroidered boxers, never fear! We are headed into the studio this week, and you know what that means… whoever isn’t tracking is embroidering. Oh, I guess that also means… new CD in the works. That’s just how we roll.

That's how we rollKeep on breeding,


Fine Print: All pictures have been shared with parental consent. Trust us, we know all about baby labor laws. The unborn baby also signed a waiver.

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