• It’s boys night in Seattle.

    “Some of the lyrics in Boys Night are statements that were directed at us, but we turned around as if it were being said to a man, so that the true idiocy of the statement could be revealed.”

  • The PJ Harvey song?

    “Currently we have started writing about 10 songs that have the working title of ‘PJ Harvey,’ and we are completely confusing ourselves. ‘This is the PJ Harvey one, right?’ ‘Yeah!’ ‘Oh wait, not THAT PJ Harvey one, or that one, but the other one!’ It’s comical.”

  • All I need is one piece of Dove chocolate.

    “Because feminism is pro-size, sometimes people feel like the corollary is true: that feminism is also anti-thin. However, if you tell me that I need to gain weight, it is really not very different from telling my good friend that she needs to lose weight.”

Recent News

  • Announcing the 5th Woman Campaign!

    IT HAS BEEN SO LONG SINCE WE HAVE BEEN IN THE RECORDING STUDIO. *cough* *cough* *desert* *in* *my* *songwriting* *soul* We are excited to launch the APC 5th Woman campaign. By donating, you help us make the album of our DREAMS: to record for the first time with Jeanne, to lay down tracks as a […]

  • The Boys Night Video is HERE!

    In 2009, Natalie and I were sitting in the backyard complaining about the subtle sexist things that people said to us as musicians. I had just been on the phone with a guy recruiting me for a cover band. After I spent about five minutes telling him I just taught girls how to play in […]

  • First Show in 14 Months!

    We have a show! At the Crocodile! All Ages! In a month! Exclamation points!!!                     *sigh* It’s been awhile. 14 months, to be exact. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. We are playing with Bleachbear – an awesome band from the Rain City Rock Camp community […]

  • Songwriting Weekend: Creativity is a Priority

    We escaped this weekend to write music. We needed space and time to JUST. PLAIN. WRITE. Back in the early days of Another Perfect Crime, before Jeanne and before David, we would write songs from teatime to pizza time all day on a Saturday. We were just learning how to write and it took a […]

  • No Stars: An Ode to Seattle

    And when the sun decides to show us its strength for once... will we forget the winter, and stay another year?

  • Pre-Orders of “You Have to Care” Available Now!

    It’s two weeks before we release our new album, and Another Perfect Crime is offering three bonus tracks for people who order “You Have to Care” before June 27th. These tracks will not be available on June 27th. The early bird catches the worm! To Order 1. Go to our bandcamp page and purchase the […]